• Thanks again for the great set up experience yesterday!

    Just to let you know that was the best $60 I have ever spend on my bike, I can’t believe the difference it has made on my bike and in my riding. All the things you were talking about and addressing during the fit made sense in my head but it was not until I hit the trails last night when all the pieces came together.

    The bike feels at least 30% better, I feel at least 10% faster!

    Vincent Béasse

  • Wow, you save lives!!!!

    The bike reacted AWESOME on Cypress today.

    Oilcan, S and M, Cherry Bomb, Oilcan, Sexboy… just really reacted really really well, a few hairy moments but it was predictable and did not buck!

    All my buddies were saying I was really riding well. I gave you props all along… how wrong my set up was…

    Gordon Berg