• Massive difference noticed already, over the weekend I rode a large array of trails: Pseudo-tsuga, Cakewalk, Full Nelson , Jacks, Brackendale, Entrails – and I noticed something different and nice on each of them. Pseudo-tsuga I was able to rail the corners, and bounce of off the small jumps easier, Cakewalk I really enjoyed not having my fork bottom out in every hole, full nelson is going to take some getting used to before I can ride it the way it should be (me, not the bike), and on entrails, I was able to climb over the rooty/rocky sections in ways I never could before.

    Big difference, no complaints, and a lot of happiness. Confidence inspiring, and I have already recommended your services to at least 5 friends.

    Michael Stormer

  • Thanks so much for your help with my progression. It feels like a new bike. And I feel like a champ.

    John Kearns