This week we have enlisted the help of suspension guru Arthur Gaillot of Suspension Therapy in North Vancouver. Arthur offers suspension setup for mountain bikes so that riders can get the most from their machines.

Having the correct suspension setup is paramount for optimizing performance. A bicycle, no matter how high end it is, will only perform to a very small percentage of its capabilities out of the box. Setting up your suspension is something that is actually pretty straightforward, but is also easy to make a mess of. The following is simple approach to establishing a solid base setting for suspension.

Like military strategy borrowed from Sun Tzu’s Art of War they are most certainly keeping their friends close but their enemies closer. Except they aren’t strictly enemies. Chris, Arthur and Dylan have rotated around each other for several years now at all the major BC races, particularly the emerging Enduro races. Mutual admiration of each others' talents brought them closer and the friendly rivalry bonded them. All three of them are not native to BC – Chris is from New Zealand, Dylan from Australia, and Arthur from a mixed French and American upbringing – further commonality which strengthened their fellowship.

When the chance to test the Cane Creek Double Barrel Air came up, there was only one rider we wanted to put on the shock. Arthur Gaillot is our local suspension setup guru, and also happens to be an absolute ripper on the trails. For a bit of background on Mr. Gaillot, check out Cam McRae's two-part article HERE and HERE. We'll leave it to Arthur now...

Arthur Gaillot is North Vancouver’s great white hope for Enduro racing. A highly skilled rider with some long levers makes him a threat for some serious Enduro races this year. He has been training and focusing on particular events this year after having a few years exploring what is out there and where his potential lies.

Arthur got so good at this that he decided to branch out on his own and set up duallies full time. This new venture (is) Suspension Therapy

Arthur has spent a lot of time looking at riders' suspension set ups, figuring out what they are doing wrong then sorting them out before releasing them to the trails. I asked Arthur to share some of that wisdom with us so we can ride as fast as any pro athlete - because we all know it's all about the bike.