• One of the best things I have done in only a day to improve my riding is to see Arthur Gaillot of Suspension Therapy. I’m the first to admit I’m the weakest link when setting up my bikes. I’m lucky to be running the best product so it should feel that way.

    I’m aware when my bike is doing something I don’t like but not always knowledgeable enough to change it. I can honestly say that I had the best day on my bike while working with Arthur. In the past I’ve often had the feeling of fighting for speed, instead of maintaining and gaining.

    Thank-you Arthur for the work you’ve done for me and for putting up and joining in on all the shenanigans. I’m glad you’re back on the bike and doing what you do so well.

    Miranda Miller

  • Thanks again Arthur, 

    I left the suspension therapy session feeling that I got exactly what I came in for and more. Your knowledge and approach make for a very impressive experience.

    Very excited to get on my bike tonight and I’ll share my impressions of the set up with you soon.

    Phil Mowatt