Please understand that due to the current circumstances to prevent the spread of the virus, setups will not be taking place until the Public Health Agency of Canada endorses businesses of non-essential services to resume their activity.

Thank you, Warm wishes of health and wellness in these challenging time.

Suspension Therapy offers suspension set-ups for mountain bike applications.

An optimal suspension set-up will allow a rider to maintain a neutral and ready stance through varying terrain, with only minute weight placement adjustments needed to maintain the bike’s composure. By maximizing the current platform (frame/fork/shock/geometry/ergonomics) a proper suspension set-up will provide less feedback through demanding terrain, better dynamics under power, and minimized strain on equipment.

My goal is to enable my clients to ride forward, push into their bikes, weigh their side-knobs, dig into corners, brake late and hard, carry speed through rough terrain, and feel comfortable where they were previously uncomfortable.

A Suspension Therapy set-up is tailored to rider morphology / weight distribution and application, and includes the below: