• One of the best things I have done in only a day to improve my riding is to see Arthur Gaillot of Suspension Therapy. I’m the first to admit I’m the weakest link when setting up my bikes. I’m lucky to be running the best product so it should feel that way.

    I’m aware when my bike is doing something I don’t like but not always knowledgeable enough to change it. I can honestly say that I had the best day on my bike while working with Arthur. In the past I’ve often had the feeling of fighting for speed, instead of maintaining and gaining.

    Thank-you Arthur for the work you’ve done for me and for putting up and joining in on all the shenanigans. I’m glad you’re back on the bike and doing what you do so well.

    Miranda Miller

  • Thanks again Arthur, 

    I left the suspension therapy session feeling that I got exactly what I came in for and more. Your knowledge and approach make for a very impressive experience.

    Very excited to get on my bike tonight and I’ll share my impressions of the set up with you soon.

    Phil Mowatt

  • Massive difference noticed already, over the weekend I rode a large array of trails: Pseudo-tsuga, Cakewalk, Full Nelson , Jacks, Brackendale, Entrails – and I noticed something different and nice on each of them. Pseudo-tsuga I was able to rail the corners, and bounce of off the small jumps easier, Cakewalk I really enjoyed not having my fork bottom out in every hole, full nelson is going to take some getting used to before I can ride it the way it should be (me, not the bike), and on entrails, I was able to climb over the rooty/rocky sections in ways I never could before.

    Big difference, no complaints, and a lot of happiness. Confidence inspiring, and I have already recommended your services to at least 5 friends.

    Michael Stormer

  • Thanks so much for your help with my progression. It feels like a new bike. And I feel like a champ.

    John Kearns

  • Thanks again for the great set up experience yesterday!

    Just to let you know that was the best $60 I have ever spend on my bike, I can’t believe the difference it has made on my bike and in my riding. All the things you were talking about and addressing during the fit made sense in my head but it was not until I hit the trails last night when all the pieces came together.

    The bike feels at least 30% better, I feel at least 10% faster!

    Vincent Béasse

  • Wow, you save lives!!!!

    The bike reacted AWESOME on Cypress today.

    Oilcan, S and M, Cherry Bomb, Oilcan, Sexboy… just really reacted really really well, a few hairy moments but it was predictable and did not buck!

    All my buddies were saying I was really riding well. I gave you props all along… how wrong my set up was…

    Gordon Berg

  • The bike feels like a WHOLE NEW BIKE now!  Wow, so much traction and so much more enjoyable to ride!

    I couldn't stop smiling and laughing the whole time, loving the ride so much!

    Nick Cehelnycky